Our Approach & Specialty

Analytical & transparent Consulting

We provide diligent needs analysis for clients and candidates to identify the core requirements and motivations. We set the right expectations from the start, and are transparent about market feedback and insights. We are known to be vocal about process streamlining if it means maximising talent retention for our clients.

extensive database built through our proactive methodologies

Our global candidate database is built on the foundation that we are here to bring access to talents that aren’t always active and visibly open towards the job market. Strong talents can come from multiple channels, but we believe it is most effective through direct recommendations and proactive headhunting. That is why majority of the candidates in our database are through 2nd/3rd degree referrals and cold-calling passive talents.

End-to-end strategic recruitment

We pride ourselves in our end-to-end methodologies, and being in an ideal position to assist clients with any harder-to-fill hires, build teams from zero to one, or engage in scalability projects.

We represent human talents, not just profiles

Our empathetic approach is fully instilled into our methodologies to ensure we focus within the core aspect of recruitment – the people.

Our Values