Is your company looking to grow your business operation, expand to overseas markets or fill the gaps within the current organisational structure? Whether your business is a multinational corporation, an SME or a start-up, we have the expertise and capacity to assist your needs in talent planning and acquisitions.

With a decade of experience under our belt in the APAC recruitment industry especially within the Technology & Innovation arenas, we are in a strong unique position to not only perform searches, but also work end-to-end in the talent strategic cycle with our clients as partners, and to deliver on the execution as well. With an alliance of trusted recruitment partners, we are proud to offer clients:

Talent Landscape Access & Analysis

Planning a business expansion strategy is no longer a mere matter of financial investment versus return, as considerations over where the target talents are positioned become increasingly critical. Demand level of a skill-set and candidate mindsets also play integral roles when measuring the feasibility of these growth strategies.

Our experienced consulting team is constantly intel-gathering, and is well positioned to reach passive candidates and provide insights on specific talent spreads within a market by performing thorough analysis on skill-set competition levels. With a higher fluctuation of demand changes, our proactive methodologies are also designed to recognise and respond swiftly to changes in the market.

Executive Project Searches

Our recruiting partners have extensive experience in conducting dedicated full-time search projects (with mutual KPIs) for some of the regions’ leading corporates and SMEs, with a track record of building senior management teams from scratch, as well as planning and forming project teams top-down.

This level of service may be applicable for your business under the below scenarios:

  • C-Suite and senior management level openings with niche and hard-to-fill requirements
  • Project team expansions with high volume and a fixed timeline
  • Confidential search requirements
Contingency Recruitment

At Mavence Group, our team specialises in discipline recruitment for both permanent and direct contractual hires. Whilst each of our partners have their own expert domain of technical and functional knowledge, we also place a heavy emphasis on the ‘People’ aspect of hiring, with our global candidate database originating mainly through referrals and direct headhunting.

Based on organisational needs, we identify key competencies and foreseeable challenges right from the start, and implement bespoke search methodologies to proactively shortlist relevant candidate pools. Our screening process includes both technical and personality parameters, which are there to ensure we match not purely on technical project exposure, but also our clients’ cultural requirements. Our services also cover interview & offer management, as well as on-boarding aftercare to ensure smooth transitioning for both parties.

Talent strategy Consultation

With the ever-changing dynamics of the economy versus digital advancements, there is an increasing emphasis for companies to swiftly adapt, rebuild, and restructure their teams, often beyond the local scope.

At Mavence Group, we provide a full-spectrum of market knowledge from a talent perspective, allowing us to build solutions on how a team should be structured based on the availability of candidates in the target market, providing our clients the competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve.

The increasing focus on speed and efficiency within the global market means internal hiring processes need to be effectively streamlined in order to ensure an engaging experience for prospective talents. Talent attraction is a two-way street, and it is important to recognise that a company’s recruitment processes have direct impact on its branding. This is why our partners never shy away from offering tailored solutions to best facilitate one of the most initial experiences for a potential employee.

Are you ready to take on another challenge and progress further in your career? Or have you decided to make a move but need advice on how to make yourself standout from the crowd?

Our team has a decade of experience in the APAC recruitment industry especially within the Technology & Innovation arenas, and we are here to be your market knowledge, to guide you through understanding your positioning within the market as well as what opportunities would best fit your aspirations. We are proud to offer candidates:

Access to Confidential Hires from Exclusive Clients

Employers may not advertise all of their openings through job-boards or social platforms due to certain confidential and sensitive considerations. By leveraging our direct relationships with top decision makers across different industries and markets, we are here to provide access to these exclusive openings and be the first point of screening for these opportunities.

Establishing a connection with us means you will broaden your horizon of opportunities and overall awareness, with access to the right openings at the right time.

Up-to-date Market Intelligence

Every one of our recruiting partners have extensive expertise and track record within their respective domains, and are proactively learning about the new trends and hot skills of the market day-in day-out to truly live up to the definition of ‘Maven’.

For certain senior or exclusive skill-sets, our market expertise also allows us to match relevant talents with companies that may not even have an active headcount yet, but are willing to open up roles for suitable talents which we are aware would benefit their upcoming growth strategies.

Career Advisory & Evaluating Your Needs

Whilst we may represent exclusive clients, we are also here to represent you. Our empathetic approach to recruitment plays a big part in our success, and we understand the multitude of consideration factors that come along with any job change. We offer our candidates an in-depth analysis of their current status and future aspirations, which in turn allows us to provide the most tailored opportunities addressing their core needs.

Rather than a mere job agency, we are here to be your career advisor and consultant. Aside from recruiting, our objective ultimately is to power the talent landscape by minimising the gap between long-term market trends and local talent potentials. So we constantly strive to keep our candidates posted on new hot skills which are in demand, and encourage pursuit of relevant certifications to increase competitiveness.

CV Consultation & Interview Preparation Tips

At Mavence Group, we prepare our candidates end-to-end throughout their recruitment journey, from resumé consultation to interview preparations to on-boarding transitions.

Resumés are the first silent impressions which employers receive before even meeting with you, so we provide transparent consultation based on what we know to be our clients’ tailored preferences, and we do not shy away in breaking traditional clichés of how a CV should look.

The art of interviewing is to treat every single encounter differently, as it should. Whilst we offer a wide range of frameworks to guide candidates through different types of interviews, in the end it is about knowing your audience and showcasing your most relevant capabilities and traits. This is where our deep understanding of our clients can help maximise your chances.

Why choose Mavence Group?


  • Extensive Global Candidate Database readily available for the APAC region
  • Access to a passive candidate pool and our referral network
  • We are proactive headhunters, not job agents
  • Consultative and Transparent
  • In-depth market knowledge and talent market trends
  • Specialised in identifying relevant talents​ ​swifty with a high conversion delivery
  • End-to-end strategic approach with diligent execution and after-care


  • Access to confidential hires from exclusive clients
  • Empathetic approach in understanding your needs
  • Proactive guidance throughout your career journey
  • Up-to-date market intelligence
  • Maximising your chances with the right employers
  • Tailored CV consultation & Interview tips

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

They are a great team of headhunters. I was a bit lost when I tried to look for a job in Hong Kong, after I told them my career experience they helped to analyse what my opportunities were, and helped me take on upcoming challenges. They were very proactive and very helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone who looking for the job, they are definitely the right people you should talk to.

Full Stack Developer

A Data-Driven Analytics Platform

Charles is an important reference point to me when it comes to talent searches for the past few years. He deeply cares about his profiles and never drops a ball in following up over each case. His persistence and perseverance in understanding the company needs, in finding the right candidates and then getting to the root causes on why some are better fit than others are clearly some of his key strengths.

Chief Technology Officer

A Rapidly Growing E-Commerce Platform